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Post-apocalyptic girl spearfishing

What drove me into this concept was the memory of the beautiful anime "Future Boy Conan" by Hayao Miyazaki. I loved its setting and all the story behind that world.

I was also inspired by the idea to draw a female character underwater with all the possible poses of a fluctuating body while her glance is caught by something around. On the other hand, while this concept can be very promising at first, gives no much room for her outfit.

Anyway, this is what came out as my first step.

I tried to follow the guidelines staying as loose and fast as possible, but I usually get lost in details wasting time when it isn't necessary, so this is something I need to improve. Sometime I tend to think too much on the pose too, when, I guess especially at this stage, I need to let the hand go and see what happens.

I obviously have already my favourite thumbs, but if someone takes a look at this, any feedback would be much appreciated.


Once more, thank you for the feedback. I went on with my favourite thumbnails and was nice to see that more than one of those you guys mentioned were also my pick. On the top line I discarded right away the two on the right as they let me think more of a fairy/wraith character, although I don't mind them.

Once decided the 5 most interesting silhouette I worked some light values and found out the figures that naturally drove me into this step were also those that I like the most. Probably I'll drop the two horizontally oriented (2 and 3 in the last image), as you see I didn't even touch.

I slightly changed the pose of n.1, finding more dynamic the legs crossing in some way and pointing the spear rather than just carry it. I like a lot 4 and 5 too, so I'll refine these three to choose which will be my final pick.

As always comments and critiques are welcome!


Worked those three thumbs a bit more to finally decide which one I'd have brought to the final stages. Here they are:

Instantly was clear that n.2 wouldn't go any further, but between 1 and 2 the choise wasn't that easy. At last 1 won for me and I actually already started with some refinement and variations, so I'll upload the next image soon. Meanwhile I would like to know what you guys think so far...


I wanted to post this update soon after the last one, but reading your thoughts I wanted to follow your feedback too, so I gave a chance to n.3 as well.

The first three are obviously the variations of my pick, while n.4 is yours :) mixed up with the upper body of n.1. At this point 1, 2 and 4 are going to the next stage, I'll try some more variations and start working more on details.

Thanks a lot for your thoughtful critiques!


Here it is my last variations step:

As you can see I dropped #3 and left unchanged the first two because I wanted to work more on your pick. First I wasn't happy with the face at all, so I just replaced it (all the same now), then I had to address an anatomy issue with her hips/left leg. Now it seems to work way better overall and actually #4 is the one I'm going for the last stage.

So your feedback was really helpful, keep it coming!


I worked on the #4 thumb from the image above and below you can see the comparison between the starting point and where I am at now:

I tried to push both values and details, especially on her face and left the t-shirt and shorts more loose intentionally. I didn't want to go too far with bright values as the light is supposed coming from behind her and underwater.

I'll refine a bit more here and there and add a hint of the surroundings as final step.


As last step I added the environment trying to make it believable and linked with the character and also worked more on some details, especially on the face. For instance the eyes (not really a detail) were too big in the previous step, so I reduced their size and tighten them to convey the underwater feeling.

I am pretty happy with the result and I'd like to know your opinion about it. I think I'll go further with this and try to make it a full illustration.

At last I want to thank Charlie for the great class and all of you for the help, feedback and for just stopping by too.


I resumed this project as the right arm wasn't working at all, as some of you also mentioned. Reworked it from scratch, now should be ok.


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