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Tara Phillips

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Post-apocalyptic fishing and scavenging civilization

STEP 1: Concept and Thumbs

I've been thinking about the end of the world lately. Not about what will happen to us as a human race in the next 100 years, but what will civilization and humanity be like in 500 or 1000 years? I imagine a world where all this STUFF we've created, the synthetic materials, become trash in a barren world of dessert and water. Knowledge of advanced technology has been forgotten and lost in favour of cultivating basic survival skills in a post-technology, post-developed environment.

The humans left over have gotten back to basics, as it were. The left overs from our society have lost significance and become items used to create reinventions of clothing, baskets, fishing equipment, weapons, shelter, etc. and have been combined with items gleaned from the sea, the only place where animal life has really thrived.

Giant cephelipods, urchins, and coral are a part of the new oceanic life and food source. Just thinking what these humans might look like and live like. 

Alright, so, this is slower going than anticipated since I'm just taking a few minutes on my lunch to work on these.... hopefully this weekend I'll have some left over time to finish up the 6 thumbs I've chosen to work up a bit more, thanks to all the great feedback I got... thanks guys!

I'm having a great time incorporating the found object/oceanic themed stuff into the fashion. I'm thinking loose fitting clothing with short pants suited for wading into the water often while fishing. Dude #1 below is a hardcore fisherman who uses a reapproproated spiked bat with a fishing line that he catches giant fish and shelled water creatures, pulls them out and into the air, and clubs them to death before they hit the ground.... awesome.

More to come, as I haven't quite finished with these guys and the other three... but just wanted to update to let everyone know I'm thinking and dreaming about these guys.

STEP 2: Refinement of Choice Few

I spent a bit of time working out some of the kinks of about 6 of my character ideas. They're all still pretty rough, but I tried to get a bit of a better feel for their attitudes, roles, ages, etc. as well as trying to think a little more about outfits. I didn't get too serious with the costume stuff as I think I'll wait to narrow the choices down further before spending too much time on nitty gritty details. Charlie, your continual "Leave it loose and rough" advice is still ringing in my ears.

Would love to hear from you guys which characters you gravitate toward. I'd like to pick 2 for the Variations step.


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