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Post-apocaliptic Bowgirl With Charlie

This is my very first aproach to Concept art, and timming is perfect because I have to do present an art proposal for school.

This is the first Thumbnail I did:

 It took me really long since I was traped on proportions, and anatomy and stuff... But as I was watching the lesson Charlie said "Forget about that" and so I did and in that moment all went pretty straight. 
Im still not sure about these thumbnails, but they are far better then the ones I did early that Im happy with it. Now Im suposed to refine some of these thumbnails, but since they are some that I really dont like (Specially the first ones) I think I 'll just take the better ones and just keep sketching some more thumnails from there.

So! I updated my thumbnails, "refined" some,  mixed some, and just erased some: 

The Idea is that this girl is really relaxed, really fragile, but also really agile, like a "fluid" girl, almost that the wind can take her away in any moment. Thats why the long and thin arms and legs. The first ones (1 to 3) most saved them for the pose and the hair, but right now I think Im going for 4, 5 and 7.
Thx and advance for any tip/feedback!

Refine stage!!

Soooooo, I made some more thumbnails, but I was definitly stucked with these in special.
At the start I was going more for the first one, since the middle one and the third one where like "Meh" to me. But when I started refining I ended up loving the three, te he.
They really need more work but Im still not sure on wich one should I use. 


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