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Post-Apocalyptic doctor

I had started brain storming for a woman who is in the post-apocalytpic era. Here was my moodboard. 

But then I got a lot of feedback and I was convinced that not everyone that survives the apocalypse must be militant. So I just decided to make a character out of the woman in the photo at the bottom right. I found that picture at a swapmeet, many of us people in LA buy old photos becuase there is less of a chance to get sued as opposed to ripping off peoples pics on google images if you make a character out of them.

Here was my process. First I got out some basic supplies and set up my workspace.

After I sketched her, I painted the lightest color, which in this case is her skin.

Then I moved to her shirt, then her hair, then lips and eyes, and then eye lashes. Here is the finished project.


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