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Post-Apocalyptic Pirate

Post-Apocalyptic Pirate

These are my thumbnails for the project. I started out trying to use Manga Studio, but felt that it was going to hinder my progress, so I tried Photoshop out. I downloaded the brushes and jumped right in.

Turns out PS is not as scary as I thought it would be in the end. I primarily draw in MS, and then paint in PS color and texture.

I selected a pirate for this project mostly because I wanted to draw swords and guns. That and I think pirates are cool characters. After I selected this as my character "theme" I started exploring Charlie's brushes. I settled on a few brushes and started sketching. I tried to keep it loose, but a few of them I felt myself getting too detailed. Some of them I like, and some not so much, but it was a fun exercise all the same.


I decided on these three thumbnails to move to the next stage with.

Added a bit here and there on my thumbnails, and will take this further soon. Stand by.


I’ve evaluated my thumbnails, and refined them a bit further. I added some detail and some grey shades to give me some idea about what things will look like in the next stages. I am still happy these three the best out of the original set, but I feel I can eliminate at least one for certain. I’m going to tweak some things and see what happens, though I have a clear favorite out of the three. I want to be certain before going further.


Slight variations on the selected thumbnail.

My final design for the Post-Apocalyptic Pirate. This was fun, and I learned a lot. I still need to bone up on my painting, and pushing my designs more, but still I had a blast!

Thank you Charlie for everything!



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