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Post-Apocalyptic Character Request


I began sketching the design of my cousin's character long before I decided to take this class - otherwise, I wouldn't have cleaned it up to such thin lines, and would have kept a lot of the life I feel 'messyness' can give a picture! 

Previously, I had tried to work on this drawing using a standard coloring procedure, but it lacked the depth that I wanted and I was never satisfied with the results. (See the bottom of this page for example) So, like many pictures, I scrapped it and gave up... for half a year xD After watching the tutorials, I couldn't help but remember it and think that THIS was the picture I was meant to attempt~


Project Start!

From the beginning of this, I want to state that I did ALL of my greyscale work in PaintTool SAI, and the coloring in Photoshop Elements 6.0. Sure, there are a few differences and you have to tweak the lessons here and here - but the fundamental core of these videos is solid and helpful with any program!

Here was my beginning sketch:

(^ You'll notice that I didn't have hardly anything in there for the face - and that's because during my last attempt at this picture, I had started earasing my lines while I added in color. I regret it now, but I decided to add in lines as I went along since I already knew basically what I wanted. )


Step 2: Greyscale!

(^ My basic shading didn't take all that long, and it surprised me with how much the picture took life using greyscale depth! Now that you can see her face, everything looks much better lol)


Step 3: Touch Up + Oodles of details!

(^ I fixed a few anatomy errors and added more details, focusing on the areas which required even darker and lighter shades, and decided that I officially want her boots.)


Step 4: Color!

(^ I had always intended to make this a fairly desaturated picture, and was able to layer the colors with ease! I wish I'd taken more screenshots during this stage to show you. Rawrg. Oh well... And if it's not obvious, I should probably mention that there are no textures used. Everything you see was done with standard brushes.)


Step 5: Final Touches~

(^ I adjusted the levels a smidge and tahdah~ She emerged <3)

Because I knew what colors my cousin was after, I didn't do any color variations.

However, I CAN show you just how much this tutorial has helped me by posting a screencap of my previous attempt on her face that I did 8 months ago.

Holy snapfish, it's bad lol! 

Before & After:

So if you're a beginning artist, keep improving yourself and trying new things! It's amazing how ONE THING can make such a complete difference in your work. But you have to try - reach out - and be open to new techniquies/advice! For me, this class was that 'one thing' so I hope you give these lessons a chance, if you're considering it!

Best of luck and inspiration to you all~


DeviantArt: BlackPixiDust


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