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Possibility of Fulfillment

I have a great life. Great people, great job, my lifestyle is great. However sometimes I just cruise on through this great life and forget to experience it. 

What came up from others about me was certainly no surprise - it was the areas I already know I need to focus. However, just because I know something doesn't mean I am doing it right? Everyone knows that to be fit and healthy we have to exercise and eat healthy food- it doesn't mean that everyone is fit and healthy though does it? 

My areas of focus are

- Being open and honest with friends and family and fully experiencing emotions

- BE in the moment; no fear of missing out on what is happening elsewhere, or stressing because things need to be completed, I can only control the now, and put my energy into being in the now. 

- to analyse my interactions with guys I'm attracted to and give them a chance as well as not pre-judging a situation. 

The possibility I have created for myself and my life is a possibility of living a life of fulfillment. 

My Vision
For my life at age 37...
I am living a fun, happy, relaxed and fulfilling life with my husband and children. We are fit and healthy and lead active lifestyles, well balanced by a mix of running, yoga and team sports.  We live in our house at hte beach with a large deck that is overlooking the water. Surrounding the house is a large garden with plenty of room for energetic activities, and running around with the kids and our charismatic pet dog. Paths wind through the shady trees around the garden to a veggie patch filled with goodness. On hot days I lay in the hammock in the garden and enjoy reading a book whilst listening to laughter in the garden.  We spend much leisure time together as a family, and with friends - playing tennis, surfing and water skiing. 

We constantly have visitors, and are spending time with our close friends and family, playing sport, relaxing at the beach and in the comfort of each others homes.  I am honest and open in my communications with my great friends and family. 

My parents are active and often come to visit, and we in return visit them a lot. When all together there is a lot of hype and energy, and everyone enjoys playing backyard sport and bikeriding together. 

Each week day morning I wake up early and exercise. I have a wide range of interesting exercise options such that I am always energised, including running, yoga, cycling. My day is always full of energy and life. 

I work with lululemon organising health/fitness community events throughout Tasmania. I spent time with CanTeen and Camp Quality, connecting organisations and spending time with kids with cancer and helping them them to laugh and achieve their goals. I coach state development netball team and also discuss sport on the radio. 

10 year goals
I am a netball development coach, a massuese, and a lululemo Community Guru in Tasmania

I can ski black runs

I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro

My family go on annual holidays to experience different cultures and active challenges and pursuits

5 year goals

I have purchased a house overlooking the water in Tassie

I have completed the Landmark Communication Course

I am part of the lululemon Community team that grows Community in Australia large enough to have a guru in each state and have created a marathon and annual yoga weekend in Australia

I have been on a yoga re-treat in India

I am a massuese therapist

I complete a 30 day 'health' challenge each year (food or fitness)

1 year goals

I have completed a 30 day yoga challenge

I have re-visited Tanzania

I have completed the Landmark advanced Course

I am part of the lululemon Community team

I am a CanTeen and Camp Quality volunteer

My central nervous system is healthy and painless

I can surf 

I am part of a succesful Arrows netball team, winning a third consecutive state-wide premiership


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