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Positively Pineapple


Mood Board #1: Color and Composition Inspiration

I ended up making two inspiration baords, because I had so many images and realized that some of the images were working well together and inspiring me for differnet reasons. So it made sense to break it up into those two different boards. This first mood board is the main color and feel I was hoping to achieve in my project. Some of the images also have interesting layout and composition so that aided me in thinking through how I wanted to arrange and create my pineapple compositions. 


Mood Board #2: Macro and Layout Inspiration

My second mood board included a lot of macro and close up shots I enjoyed of fruit. There were also some layout of food or other items that helped me think through how to best showcase the pineapple. 


Worst Photo

I really thought this could be a cool shot with the inside of the pineapple carved out; however, it was really hard to make my camera focus on something. It ended up focusing on the rim of the pineapple and it felt off every time I tried to photograph it using the rule of thirds or a symmetrical composition, but it also didn't work being in the center of the composition. 


Best Photo

I personally had a lot of favorites but I love how this shot captured the interesting and tropical nature of the stem of the pineapple. I think ine texture on the leaves are so interesting and often times something I don't even notice about a pineapple. Additoinally the natural fading from the white to green is so beautiful and organic, it just feels raw and alive which is always wonderful to experience in a picture.


Collection of Pineapple Photos







Final Pineapple Composition


Thanks for a great class Kate Weybret, I really enjoyed all you had to share! 


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