Heather Penten

Freelance Graphic Designer & Traditional Artist



Positive Typography!!

It has taken me a little while to get started with this project, I think mainly because I wanted a positive inspirational quote that would be a reminder to stick with doing more creative work. I looked through lots of quote websites but couldn't really find anything that fit with what I was thinking.

Getting frustrated with this initial and somewhat unnecessary block I decided to come up with my own quote... initially I started with "Positivity makes good things happen!" and "Be positive and make good things happen!"

I started just with simple handwritten out line then began playing with a variety of different styles for each word keeping a rectangular composition.

I then enlarged and began to refine in pen, considering further how each individual word would look and how the composition would sit together. On the whole at this stage I was happy with how the design was shapping up but felt another draft was needed to refine the letters and overall layout fit together particularly with aspects such as the & weighting and also the line spacing between the 'things' and 'happen' as the line space here opened up too much white space.

Below is the second draft, I addressed the issues with the &, making the weight of the form more consistent all round. I also reduced the size of the main letter of the 'H' on happen this allowed more space to work on the line spacing between the words, overall I think this has helped with the balance of the composition.



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