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Positive Thinking

This sketch was made back in October, and it's actually my first blog post.
It was done in Photoshop and it's a bit imperfect.

I've decided to clean it up, thanks to my new scanner and my new Illustrator skills :D
After some minor correction with Photoshop, I was ready to Live Tracing it.
I used the "Sketched Art" Image Trace option in Illustrator CS6, increased the Threshold and with the Simplify option I was able to make it look better.

I still don't know if I'll add colours in Illustrator. I don't know how to achieve what I have in mind (I find it easier to do it in PS).
I also don't know if I'll add texture. So yeah, it's still a WIP :)

UPDATE: I found two palette on design seeds which I love, so I decided to experiment a bit with illustrator.
Now I'm preparing some textures :)


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