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Portuguese Inspired Pattern

Hi all! This is my very first Skill Share project. After looking around the site for some time, I stumbled upon this class. I was so excited to do this and very much enjoyed Elizabeth's teaching style and process. It reminded me a lot of the process I learnt in my favourite design class back at university. Back then, however, I never really understood the way a mood board could help a project so much. Maybe it's the way Elizabeth explained it but I found it incredibly useful for this project and will totally be using one from now on!

Ok so speaking of the mood board. I was inspired by Portuguese tiles and colours. I have always found their buildings and dishware to be so beautiful. My moodboard isn't too thrilling but I tried to research not only the tile but the national tree and flower to include...and don't you just love the roosters?

Here are some of the sketches. Sorry for the poor lighting. I did this in my brothers apartment which is practically a cave.

I used a tablet for the first time ever to put them in to illustrator. I'm not very comfortable will illustrator so it was defo a learning experience for me. 

And finally my repeating pattern

I don't know how much Portuguese is really left in it but I had a ton of fun making it. For my very first pattern, it definitely makes me smile.

Thanks so much for the class. I am going to go work on my colour palettes and some other patterns!


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