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Portsmouth F.C.- Inspiration Board


The club I am choosing to design a kit for is PORTSMOUTH F.C..  Both my parents are from there, and my father and I  are loyal supporters.  I'm excited to create a kit for PFC, however they are at a very turbulent time in their history.  They are a financial disaster and have just narrowly escaped liquidation.  Hopefully, in the coming years, Portsmouth can ressurect themeselves into the famous club they once were.  With that rebirth, I wil design a kit that is inspired by the beginnings of their history.  With one of the oldest stadiums and arguably some of  best fans in the world, PFC deserves new begginings.  Here are some inspirational images:

This is a selection of Pompey kits I have selected from their history.  Like I said before, Pompey needs a reserruection or a rebirth.  That is why I am inspired to draw from their very first kit, the pink kit with marroon trim.  Not only were these there very first colors, but it also earned their nickname at the time, "the shrimps".  Now a days, I see that name appropriate due to their low standing in professional football.  It's the ideal place to restart...

I also want to note Pompey's iconic red socks.

This is Rangers FC 2012-2013 kit.  Rangers and Portsmouth are in comparibly tough times with their financial rows.  I love this kit.  Minamilist to the max.  On one hand, one could see this simplicity as a sort of "Punishment" or "Downgrading" for their current financial state, and or breaking of the rules.  But on the other hand, it embodies the idea of rebirth or a restart, or a start from the beggining.  I applaud this idea.

These are several differents constructions of the Pompey Crest.  After 1950 the crest reverted back to a white crecent moon and star, apparantly for cost effiecient reasons.  Due to their current financial instability, I would like to revert back to the white and blue crest.  There are several different star designs, some with 5 points, some with 8, some with wavey points.  I would like to include the sword and anchor design into the final details of the jersey.

These are some old gameday adverts.  Portsmouth is one of England's largest Naval bases, home of the H.M.S. Victory. 

I would like to include details from the HMS Victory.

This is John, Pompey's iconic fan.  Fratton Park is home to some of the loudest and loyal fans.  John dresses in this attire every game, so perhaps the check pattern can come into play.

This is the entrance to Fratton Park, one of England's oldest stadiums, very historic.

This could be the future of Portsmouth F.C., the sleeping giants of the south.  A beautiful new stadium right next to the iconic spinnaker tower, yet another icon that can be used as a final detail.

But realistically this is lightyears away, so lets start at the beggining, a rebirth for Portsmouth FC. PLAY UP POMPEY!


I decidied to go with P.F.C's very first original colors, salmon and maroon.  Reverting to the original colors inspires a rebirth for the club, who are struggling financially and keep falling deeper in league and table.  There is a renewed hope for financial stabiltiy but they have a long ways to go to reach the top.  These colors earned them their nickname at the time, 'the shrimps', which is very appropriate due to their low standing in professional football.  All that being said, I do see this as either an away or a 3rd alternative kit.

I really like the 3 button design for the collar.  I ditched the polo collar, since P.F.C are at such a low level of professional football.  I view a polo collar for a higher class.  I realized 3 buttons could become a distraction for the athlete, so I made a shorter 2 button collar.  Less chance of ripping from contact.

I created some alternative details, such as the trim color and the blue arm hoops.  But I ultimatley wanted to stay as minamalist as possible, again reflective of P.F.C's minamal state.

Here is the preliminary kit in full.  The color combination from shirt, to shorts, to socks being salmon, white, black, just like their very first kits.  Some detailing on the shorts include a black stripe down the side and touch of salmon where the black stripe meets the triangular cut of the bottom of the shorts (hard to see on this example).  I added marroon to the base of the sock for style.

A closer look at the collar design.

Here are a bunch of alternative sock and short designs.  I like sock designs 1, 5 and 8 for the complete kit.  I do like 2 and 3 as well. I think using the red socks (Design 5) as an option combines the past and future, since Pompey now have such iconic red socks.  Which do you all like?

I would have all 3 short alternatives as well.  Perhaps the blue shorts coming from the home kit.  Mix and matching.   Which do you all like?

Here's a look at the potential kit combos with the alternative short and socks combinations that P.F.C can use through out the season.

Thanks for checking out my designs.  Appreciate all feed back.


The first detail I had to consider was the badge.  I decide to go with the current badge, but rather make it black and white to give it a retro look.  On the back of the badge, on the inside of the shirt, reads 'REBIRTH', an ode the beginnings and a hopeful rejuvination for P.F.C.. Under the badge reads the proud year Pompey were created 'Since 1898'. On the inside of the kit, under the neck line, reads 'Play up Pompey', their most famous chant.  All the font used, is the same font used on the H.M.S. Victory, which is harboured in Portsmouth.

On the back of the neck panel is the Pompey crest, introduced in 1980, a symbol of the ever present naval and armed forces.  The number 9 font is also in the font found on the H.M.S. Victory.

Here are the shorts.  A black stripe runs down the sides ending with a pink strip at the V-cut.

Here are the sock details. 

The final presentation of the Portsmouth F.C. Away Kit


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