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Final Images







For quite some time, I had been drawn to portraitature for its ability to convey emotions and something about humanity. But one way or another I did not find means to actually work on producing much portrait work. Recently, however, things have aligned, and I feel much better to work on people and mentally readier to actually start a portrait project.

So these are some of the first images. The first two were from a trip to the coast, and the others are part of my ongoing portrait project that I started working on a few weeks ago, which is about the real prescence of people and the value of that in relationship their own personal history.

All images, both outdoors and indoors, were shot with natural light. I love using natural light, and I use it almost all the time. However, the lighting situation with some of the indoor shots were less than ideal, which was a bit limiting. I also wish I could have paid a bit more attention on the exposure when the light is more contrasty.


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