Photography, where do I begin...... My first experience with a cam was very young and didn't look to much into it. I couldnt figure out how the film camera worked and like many young boys, i was interested in other things. That point of my photography career was very short lived. Once i got older, i wanted a camera just to take shots of material things to post in forums and so fourth. As i learned more of the camera and saw shots of photographer, friends and people post, i wanted to learn more. I started taking shots of landscapes of beautiful Miami, FL but still wanted more. I slowly got into lighting and once i got into that i wanted to do portraits. Within the past 2 years, i have slowly gained a great deal of interest in portraits. When i took my first in studio portrait, I was instantly hooked. The connection that is made between your subject, camera and yourself is incredible. 

As of lately I have seen myself lean towards more of a "fashion photography" mood but still feel as if i have a lot to learn and thats why I am here. To learn from one of the best. Here are some examples of my work, please feel free to comment, criticise, etc.

First 5 are shots of mine and the last three are some of the photographers i currently enjoy... Shots accordingly, Ryan Muirhead, Cameron Rad and Marcus Hyde.

I would like to think of the shots underneath can be considered as my mood board but i will add a couple more...... 


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