Portraits - student project

Hi! Still learning... I'm a visual arts student!

Portraits - image 1 - student project


So, the first photo is a self portrait. I focused in the textures and make it a little bit "fancy" with black and white.

The second pic was for a fashion photoshoot for a local vintage brand. The model has a lot of experience, so that helped me a lot to be more focused in composition. Also, her house was beautiful, having a lot of locations to create interesting things, I loved this day!

The last one was a makeshift. I was walking with my friend Julian, and visited a touristic place in the city. I liked how that white circle lights looked, so I said him to pose for me for a picture, and that was the result. I took the photo behind a seat to get that effect.


Portraits - image 2 - student projectPortraits - image 3 - student project