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Portraits of the Ocean.


The Last Breath: An image taken as a wave breaks outside of where I was swimming. This is an image that I love both for the color and movement captured. I shot this image with a flash while swimming in the cold New York surf. The flash really works great in sunset enviorments because I can use a slower shutter speed to capture movement while the flash freezes a portion of the frame or whatever is closest to my position. This really captures the intensity of a breaking wave and the movement of the wave.


This dazzling image was taken during one of the best sunsets of the year. I've been surfing for 18 years in New York and have been photographing in the water for 10. Through the many evenings I've spent out in the surf I've learned what to expect as weather conditions change. One of the best times to shoot a beautiful sunset surf image is the day of a storm. When it's rainy and windy, I am preparing myself for a shoot in the evening as the clouds roll overhead and the winds change direction. Much of my work is based on learning weather patterns and predicting when winds will shift and cloud cover will break.


I love bokeh and when I capture and image that has these light flares and spots (from water droplets on the port of my waterhousing). I won't use images where the droplets are anywhere near the center of the action but I will on occasion use an image that has them near the borders.


Many of my images have certain edits to them. I pick and choose based on the image. If I feel an image doesn't have vibrant color I will put it into something I call the Seatone images. These images are muted colors and often have lots of pink/purple hues in them. I love these photo and hope to one day create a series.



Always playing with light. Here is an image that was taken with a flash in the water while I was swimming in the surf. I'm never on a boar or anything and that's one of the most asked questions I get. I'm always swimming. This is taken with a 70-200mm lens and flash. The setup is incredibly heavy and difficult to use but the images are well worth it. 


I'm also working on a series I've titled "Eventide" which captures waves in this black and gray/green color. There is never any white in these photos and they are incredibly dark because my intention is to capture a moment that is private. I've described these images as "ocean boudoir photography" or "portraits of surf".


I try very hard to bring images to people that they've never seen before without my work becoming a gimmick. I strive to one day be comfortable calling myself an "artist" who works through photography rather than a photographer. This image captures the power of the ocean and the beauty of reflective light.


This feels private to me. Like someone standing by a rainy window unable to fall asleep looking out on Manhattan deep in thought. These droplets of water frozen in time, something that moves and happens so quickly our eyes can't capture that moment and all we see is a blur. The camera can freeze that image for us to inspect.



This is an image from a series I've titled "Midnight Dreary" which is showing breaking surf under "moonlight".  This set of images are all monotone blue/white of breaking surf.


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