Portraits in Photojournalism - Mood Board

Day one: Choosing images that will help guide me through my project. 

Photos by Paula Bronstein who is an amazing photojournalist in my eyes.

Though I wont be photographing Heroin abuse in Kabul, Afghanistan i'd like to follow a similar style and aesthetic. Images that tell a story. They are cohesive and speak together as well alone. 

Most of what I have done in the past are traditional portraits. 

Studio portraits once in awhile

I feel that I may have to cross some lines and step out of my own comfort zone and IN TO OTHERS comfort zone to sort of follow the aesthetic in Paula's photographs.

These are some images where I shot and shot without really caring what my friends thought of me.

Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I feel I could have done differently to improve the things I wanted to say in my images but I dont really know the process in doing so. Hoping through Mr Mannions wisdom and experiance I can improve and eventually get to a specific style that is mine.

Thanks for readin' ! 


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