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Portraits in Clothing

I love fashion illustration but I really wanted to take this class to learn some of the techniques so I could apply them to a more personal project.

I have always liked the idea of preserving memories of my children by illustrating their favorite clothes from different times in their lives. I also like the idea of illustrating the most loved and worn items from people's closets. I'm drawn to things that have a history and a story behind them. To me, it's like a portrait without using their actual body. Rather than having memories stored away in the garage, I would like to capture the essense of those items and have them as art. 

I only have the rough cold press paper at this time but I would like to try with smooth paper going forward. I would also like to learn to exaggerate a little more with my lines.

Attempt 1: Emilia's dress, 6-12 mos

This was one of my favorite dresses to put on my daughter.

Attempt 2:  Isaac, age 14

This was his most worn shirt/shoes from 9th grade.

I think I'd like to inject more of my personality in these pictures by making the hangers a little more wiry and animated. I know I need practice! Thanks for looking at my project.

Update 7/4:

I did one for a friend. This was her 6 year old daughter's favorite mis-matched outfit to put together. I'm really trying to force myself to step away from the details and just try to capture the essence of the clothes. It's tough!

October 22 - Did another illustration for a friend. This was worn by a baby in the 1950s and then by that baby's own granddaughters 60 years later. 

I just couldn't get the reds in this illustration to scan or photograph accurately. Not sure why. It is more of a deep red in real life. 


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