Portraits LJ Style

Portraits LJ Style - student project


I made these in ProCreate instead of Adobe Illustrator. I don't have the pen/path tool, so my lines are all pencil/freehand, but I still love the way the illustrations turned out. 

Portraits LJ Style - image 1 - student projectThe pic above is round 2 of the pic below. I think the face was too dark and I wanted to make the lips move up just a bit.

Portraits LJ Style - image 2 - student project


My first illustration from the class. Looking at it now, I can see so many places where some additional detail would make this pop. Maybe I'll go back and put the other arm on the glasses, fill in the mouth, and soften the shadows. I can't believe it came out this good on my first try. ProCreate on iPad Pro.

Portraits LJ Style - image 3 - student project