Portrait re-edits

Portrait re-edits - student project

Here's my first pass at a few portrait re-edits using Elizabeth's advice. I do use VSCO, and for this project, kept the same preset: Kodak Portra 160 (-).

I'd love to hear your feedback!

Edit #1—

Portrait re-edits - image 1 - student project


Portrait re-edits - image 2 - student project

With this portrait, my main goal was to bring down a lot of the bright luminance in the tall grass and to accentuate the warmer light hitting across the subject's chest and face. Really brought down saturation (like -15) to help skin tones.

Edit #2—

Portrait re-edits - image 3 - student project


Portrait re-edits - image 4 - student project

Here, I brought down the saturation to help skin tones, and brought up shadows to bring out detail in the hands.

Edit #3—

Portrait re-edits - image 5 - student project


Portrait re-edits - image 6 - student project

When we shot these images, the sun was setting directly behind us, and during that month in the spring, it set quite yellow. I cooled off the shadows in the edit, edited green levels, and adjusted the highlight levels to bring out that line of sun on the subject's face.