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Portrait painting

        I've painted a few digital portraits in the past, but always went about it backwards. I didn't know what I was really doing, and although they came out OK, I never learned anything in the end. Painting portraits is something I want to start doing again, but with speed and accuracy. So far this class has got me pretty acquainted bout learning a new process, and so far its killing old bad habits.

The photo I'm using for the project shows a pretty good contrast between light and dark. I'll try and explain my process clearly, but this is just a WIP.



Only ended up adjusting her hair since the composition was limited and straightforward. Picking between which I wanted and ended up choosing the long side curls that aren't really noticable. 


I always take note that shapes and proportions are more before anything like value and detail, w/o those your drawing or painting will crumble. 


I've got two versions since I was just experimenting with the light and contrast which wasn't to difficult to understand. In the future, I want to get faster at doing these and not waste hours trying to figure out the compositions. I've struggled with her lips and nose the most but thats because proportions were off here and near, so adjustments were needed.

 Finish versions                                      Regular                                                       Light effects



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