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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher



Portrait of my daughter.

Just did some cleanup to the projectpage


3rd step

Fixed error in opacity/blending mode of the pink/white shirt.

Made a new pencil shading trace with a hard and soft pencil. Also to fix the nose. and to add details to the hair and face.

Erased the hard lines (ink) of the nose.

Made the total ink lines softer, in both opacity as added a gausion blur effect.

Ran into an error when saving that the .psd file would be exeed 2 GB, so switched to .PSB (large format option)

Added some additional blured and noise detail to the hair.

saved again and reduced image demansion to save as .JPG to join with you.


Comparison between versions


Saved as ainmated GIF


2nd Step

I Took the other picture, because it is more recent.
I traced the picture in pencil and made ink lines out of it.
I traced on a separate paper the shadows.
I Combined the ink lines and shadows in photoshop.
In photoshop, I used Paper texture as background, Wool texture for Dark purple, Cotton texture and a pattern for pink shirt.
It needs some more shading, espacialy in the pink shirt.
Also the hair can use a bit of rework.

I chose to focus ond hand drawing as much as possible, and focus on materials, texture and shading.
The concept is not very out of the box, bit first focus on the above.

I must say I realy like the course and assingment, it took me out of my confort zone by forcing to manual draw.

Pictures of the steps and the current composition.




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