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Anne Cramer

Frustrated Artist Meets Business Tycoon



Portrait of a Ruby

Hi my name is Anne. I have a sweet blue-brindle dog named Ruby covered in so many shades of grey that I think she would be an ideal portrait subject for this class!  I would like to focus on dogs, as they have such short, loving lives.  I would love to be able to capture my friends' and family's pets while they are still with us.

Unit 4. Sketching

Here is a picture of Princess Diana from Vanity Fair:

And here is my sketch.  I am happy with it, but I am looking forward to getting more confident with shading.

Section 5. Eyes

Here are some eyes I worked on today to practice.  Some better than others!  Learning a lot since my Diana days... :P

Noses are hard!  Not crazy about these and need more practice.  Practiced the eyes while I was at it too.


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