Franziska Robertz

Magic happens.



Portrait of a Puppy

After watching this classes videos, I instantly wanted to try the freshly learned techniques. Therefore I borrowed a DSLR camera and walked through the streets of my neighbourhood. When I saw a puppy playing with it's owner, I asked him for permission to take some pictures of his dog. As the little fellow moved quite rapidly, I decided to use a high shutter speed of 1/500 in order to prevent any blurring. For depth I decided to use a medium aperture of F/5.6. Although the day was still sunny, the dog played in the shadows. Therefore I had to use an ISO of 800 for a balanced approach in the exposure triangle.

Originally, I wanted to portrait the cute dog from the safe distance of 2 meters, but it had it's own plans: As soon as I kneeled down to get a nice perspective, the little one jumped up my legs and sniffed at the camera. It was almost impossible to place the focus between his eyes, but the wild photo shoot was a lot of fun for both of us.

I finalized the image in Photoshop with guidance of the class video.



Camera: Nicon D5500

Shutterspeed: 1/500

Aperture: F/5.6

ISO: 800

Software: Photoshop CS5




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