Portrait of MOM

In the cover I posted my latest portrait :) As I thought of what to shoot for this project - what more meaningful of a portrait starring my mom!  However, it's nearly impossible for her to comply because she is the queen of excuses.  She is never ready or happy with images taken of her after her youth passed. It would be deeply satisfying to make one or two beautfiful well thought out and captivating portraits of her!

I was thinking about doing it in the kitchen which is where she lives the most.

Just reflecting for a bit I got a few ideas about getting her to comply :)

1- money for hair

2- new jewelry lol

3- showing her my hottests works and promising her even better results! 

I want to have at least to images... One composite and one single out of camera photograph that does everything that Johnathan describes an effective portrait should do!

any tips and suggestions welcomed


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