Portrait in Colored Pencil

Portrait in Colored Pencil - student project

I haven't made any progress photos or scans, so I only have the finished piece. I am not used to working with colored pencils and if I do, I never layer this much. So I have learned a lot. I really, really love how her hair color turned out. I think every black and white drawing I make will look so boring from now on...

I wish I had spent a bit more time on getting the face right before going in with colored pencil because she does look a bit off to me. And I should've stopped a little sooner. I think I overdid it a little...

One thing I hope will get better with practice is the control over the details. Getting to the end I felt I had no control over the smaller pieces in the drawing anymore, like the eyes and the lips. I might need to keep it lighter and use even more layers to keep that control.

I am gonna go ahead and practice some more. 

Thanks for a lovely class! Recommended!


Portrait in Colored Pencil - image 1 - student project

Annemarie Gorissen
lllustrator and graphic designer