Portrait illustration

Portrait illustration - student project


Hi fellow classmates:) Im Christy a hobby-painter, professional editorial illustrator wanna-be, based in Hong Kong. 

I am currently working on a passion project where I would paint a watercolour portrait everyday until I have a collection of 50 portraits. I treated it mainly as a practice and hopefully if people love it I could sell prints too. Also, I love working on digital art too. I even printed them into stickers and started selling in local market. Recently I just built my own website to sell my work so people can order it online too. Oh yeah, I also love painting while I go to travel<3

Thank you Blook for the amazing class that inspires and educates me alot in the illustration industry. I really like this community where I could get exposed to different artist all over the globe, and to hear about their story behind. It does motivate me alot coz in times I regret about not working on art earlier/ not getting an art-related degree. I guess it's never too late to start working on something you are passionate in. Have faith and you can eventually do it. 

Come see my work here!:)

My insta:  https://www.instagram.com/prochristynator/

My website: https://prochristynator.wixsite.com/home


Portrait illustration - image 1 - student project   Portrait illustration - image 2 - student project