Portrait collage

Portrait collage - student project

Hello, Makiko!

Your class really helped me with a personal project I was doing a couple of days ago =)

So I just finished watching a tv show 11.22.63 based on Stephen King book and I really loved it =) So I was about to post a little review in my IG account, but then I decided - why not make a little collage based on the main character, and so I did. And it had no resemblance with the appearance of the main character whatsoever =D

Here it is

Just to clarify, this is supposed to be James Franco =D

Portrait collage - image 1 - student project

So this really did annoy me for a couple of days and today I came across your class and decided to start redoing the thing based on actual photography and this is what I got

Portrait collage - image 2 - student project

I still think the resemblance is quite questionable, but its a definite improvement =D So thank you so much!

I used your texture in the shirt, face and background. I also used watercolour textures on other parts (tie, hat, face features) I got from creativemarket =)

I wanted to ask - the textures you give in class are really awesome, can I use them for other projects, not this class related too?

Thank you for the class and inspiration =)


Mariya Popandopulo
Photographer & Illustrator