Melody Fulone

Fiber Artist



Portrait and Landscape Photo Edits: Engaged Couple and Seashore

Portrait photo choice. Unedited:

After adjusting color levels for a slightly blue look (the bride's favorite color):

After using layers to sharpen and brighten the eyes (I loved doing this! So glad to know how to use layers and gradients now):

Exported to different print sizes. I'm pretty happy with the result. On to the landscape!

4/6/2014 - the landscape photo edit. I started off with this photo I took at the beach last summer. Nothing special - a bit warped-looking because of the lense I was using (if I could re-take this I would), but I wanted to play with the clouds and the coloring.

First step was adjusting levels and color balance. Next I used the burn tool and darkened the clouds a bit. I made use of the clone tool and got rid of that random person too! 

Last step was reducing the contrast level a bit to give it more of a filtered look. Done!


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