Portrait Project

Portrait Project - student project

Portrait Project - image 1 - student projectThis portrait by Xenia Lau speaks to me in such a vintage way. I love the tones and the classic look of the model. 

Portrait Project - image 2 - student projectThis wedding portrait of Henry Tau and his husband by Chuy gives me alllll the feels. The raw emotion is captured so beautifully, it's almost like you can feel their love! Portrait Project - image 3 - student projectMaxwell Swift, my favorite photographer. He has such an amazing eye and creates the most stunning portraits I've ever seen. His attention to detail, use of natural light, and composition always take my breath away. I think about this image often, and it inspires me every time!


Hi my name is Dustie, I am a boudoir photographer out of Charlotte, NC. My ig is @d.rose.photos_boudoir