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Portrait Practice

I actually finished this project a while ago, but I never got around to uploading it. Oh well, better late than never! So, this is the reference I used:


I played around with the photo, setting it on grayscale, cropping it here and there, and making changes as I saw fit. I made a 'posterized' and 'angled strokes' version of it as well, but unfortunately I can't upload them because I deleted them a while ago. 

Here is the finished result: 


During the beginning I tried to focus on the values rather than the little details. The posterized version of the photo helped me a lot in this stage. Using guidelines proved to be very helpful in getting many of the proportions right. However, in the end, I got too tired and stopped looking at the reference photo altogether. I took liberty and did whatever I wanted, and I'm pretty happy with how the portrait turned out! I want to do more of these studies in the future. :)

Gabrielle, thank you so much for the class! I would not have been able to make this first portrait without your help. Your are a great teacher and a great inspiration to me. Thank you once again!


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