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Richard Munn

Portrait Photographer



Portrait Photographer

Thank-you for taking the time to read this. 

My name is Richard, I'm a portrait photographer in the UK and my main goal is to use IG to grow and bring value to my audience.  

I'm not interested in selling to my audience, but do believe that having a larger audience is a useful asset when working editorial jobs as reach is something a magazine may be interested in. 

I had not thought much before about the design of my IG account and so had a confusing mix of different things that took my interest. I've now curated this down to portraits only and have seen my followers go up by nearly 600 people in one week, which for my small account is a lot. 


I'm just starting a podcast for creative people and have had some interest from IG. I also enjoy answering questions on there and appreciating other people's work. 

Something that has not yielded much interaction is using a location as a hashtag even though I would say my photography stand-out when compared to other people using that location hashtag. Any advice ont his would be appreciated. 

I'm at https://www.instagram.com/richmunnphoto/ if you'd like to connect.


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