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Portrait Painting

I've painted a few digital portraits in the past, but always went about it backwards. I didn't know what I was really doing, and although they came out OK, I never learned anything in the end. Painting portraits is something I want to start doing again, and believe me, I've tried and failed at doing it in a way that felt "right" to me. So far this class has got me pretty excited about learning a new process, and I have a feeling this time what I learn will stick.

The photo I'm using for the project I really like because it's basically a blank slate for me to experiment with in the thumbnailing stage.


Next up, thumbnails...

I tried out some hairstyles, and these are what I came up with:


Right now what I want to work on is a toss up between the weathered boxer or 50s swing queen.


Boxer it is!

Now to take this thumbnail further.

Update 1:

Started working on this again, and I'm trying hard to get past the "OMG, this looks horrific!" phase. Wish me luck.

Update 2:

I stink at drawing with any kind of realism, but I hope once I start rendering some values and shaping the face, then she'll have a better likeness. The draft below is really rough, and I of course defaulted to my usual way of starting a painting. I'm looking forward to re-watching the lessons though, and putting the tips to better use than I am now....


Update 3:

I decided to change my reference. Ce la vie.



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