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Portland for the Soul

Hi all,

My name is David. I'm from Ecuador and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Lots of sun, rain, dogs, rain, coffee, bikes, more rain and nature. Most of the shots I take happen in between activities, while I'm waiting, on my way to places, etc. I normally use the native cam on an iPhone 5s, snapseed, SKRWT, Litely, VSCOcam and Instagram filters. I'd love to read your comments. Feel free to say hello on Instagram, too, at http://www.instagram.com/davidtrujillo

These photos are from different times of me running, sitting, waiting, and looking around Portland. And speaking of Portland, there is nothing that screams "Pacific Northwest" as moss does... and that's more than OK with me :)

Coffee and rain drop sounds make a quiet atmosphere throughout P-town. I visited my local shop and tried out some different compositions. At first, I caught more of the magazine, but the man's straight-on shot was distracting. This felt better.

When the sun DOES come out... it looks something like this. It's the perfect opportunity to snap some shots when being stuck at one of Portland's famous bridges. The challenge here was to get enough detail in the photo without looking too bright, and so the purples and blues could show up.

People in Portland are a creative bunch. Here, a stranger offered to walk across the street again, so my shot would be framed as I had envisioned when she first walked by. Thank you, stranger. :)

Every weekend, I go to the Farmers Market to grab local veggies, fresh flowers and freshly baked bread. While I put my stuff down to get on my bike, I noticed the fallen leaves sort of framed the shot, so I tried snapping a photo of it. I moved a couple leaves around, so the shot would "feel" a bit more dynamic. 

Our local heritage is great. The Chinese Gardens architecture in Portland was the perfect opportunity to try out the SKRWT app.

Colors everywhere, man! Hard to not miss the giant red tree. Here, however, I went with more subtle tones during the editing process, so the reds would not be washed away with all their details.


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