Portfolio/Freelance Site

Right now I am using a WP site for my "portfolio/business" site, but I really wanted to design my own...regardless of whether or not its unorthodox appearance is to my benefit or not.

The menu nav items might change a bit, but there will be 4 more than likely. In rolling over each item, something "happens" across the sky, i.e, a UFO whizzing past, (with blinky portholes), a bat flying through the air, a fireworks explosion over the skyline, and then a "sunset." No idea how to make them animate...animated GIF? I want to avoid Flash.

The "sunset" bkgnd fades up on "Contact/About Us" but stays that way unless certain conditions are met. The "body" will be one big scrolling div...or maybe hidden divs...whatever — but each will hold a relevant grid of video or gallery thumbnails you can click on to trigger a ligthbox or whatnot. (You can clearly see that I need to plan this out a little better if I plan to do this along with the class.)

In any event, there are opportunities to use js here — and regardless or whether or not I actually get this thing going, I *want* to learn js, (among other things), and figured this class would inspire me to act.


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