Keeping an illustration portfolio updated is a bit of a nuisance. My current method is slow and annoying and doesn't look as good as an artist's site should, and while simple CSS could get me far in the design problem there's still the issue of keeping the overall portfolio updated. I need something faster, which can still be styled by CSS, and won't get in the way of the rest of my website. Many artists have this problem, most blogs aren't designed for image portfolios and the ones which are leech control from our ability to design our own sites and portfolios. Non-blog website platforms are even worse than blog ones for quick updates.

My planned solution is to design a plugin for the popular WordPress platform which will make portfolios easier to update and design.

Portfolio - image 1 - student project

updates 07/02/13

  • Further narrowed down the potential early adopters
  • Alternate solution for the Speed problem, which is not what i really want for the final solution but will still partially solve the problem, will be faster to implement, and could be used as a minimum viable product to test interest in the more finished version