Portfolio / sleep.js

I've been meaning to get a portfolio site up for a while.

I've been working since 2000 as a web designer but I don't actually build sites at work - it's mostly handing off psds to developers and working with them. I really want to be better at building my own sites and I've been trying to learn javascript for a while. I've been going throught the Code Academy javascript course and I'm feeling more comfortable with code. I think its time to actually move on to producing sites. And it would be great to finally get a portfolio site up.

I don't have a design yet - gonna try to get a rough design done this weekend. I'm thinking of using a simple grid with isotopes filters filtering sites I've designed at work and ones that I've built myself. And I like the effect of having an image flip over to show a description of the site. It will probably be a simple site with a couple pages. Or maybe just a one page site. 

I've been through the first week videos and really like your teaching style, Jeff. Thanks!

Made a little program! 

var coffee = Math.floor(Math.random() * 48);
var thirtyRock = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);
var webSurfing = Math.floor(Math.random() * 60);

var sleep = function(){
if(coffee <= 32 && thirtyRock < 2 && webSurfing <= 15){
console.log("Great! You drank " + coffee + "oz of coffee, and watched " + thirtyRock + " episodes of 30 Rock and read the web for " + webSurfing + " minutes. So you will get more than 6 hours sleep!");
}else {
console.log("Uh oh. Not enough sleep tonight!");


I started building the site using Twitter Bootstrap because I want it to be responsive. The url is:


Here's a screengrab. So far I've got one of the images calling a modal window, which is cool. But I'm wondering if it's going to be hard to customize th built-in modal window. I want it to be pretty big with sort of a slideshow of images from the project, some descriptive text and a link to the live site.


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