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Rodolfo Velado

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



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Hello Skillshare community!! my name is Rodolfo Velado and I'm a graphic designer and kid´s illustrator.

You can check some of my work at :

Portfolio:  www.fitografito.com

Portfolio:  www.fitografito.deviantart.com

ittle shop: www.cerealpaper.com


I want to redesign my personal logo for my Website/Portfolio (www.fitografito.com), So I want that my logo looks like a brand and express that I'm an illustrator at the same time.

I really like those "Smart logos" that includes some kind of icons or silhouettes integrated in the name of the brand like the ice cream example. Another detail i love in logos it´s the force and big shapes at the beginning of the names so I'm going to apply this rules in my logo.

I love scripts logos a lot! you can see that at my inspiration board.



So I sketch a lot of ideas but my favorites are the ones with the red check  and i think ill go with that. I try to include some kind of illustration, like this warrior illustrator but at the end i don't want to distract my work with my logo, that´s why i´ll keep the simple shapes with the pencil. 

I'm still deciding to include a little tag/label that saids:  Kid´s Illustrator.

The red rectangle sketch: this could work like my business card.

More Sketches

Let me know what you think. 


2nd Update ( finally :) )

Well finally I keep working on my logo. I choose the one with the "hidden" detail of the pencil from the letter F to letter O, to show that I'm an illustrator or related to illustration.  

To explain a little more: 

the word " Grafito" means "Graphite"  so when I was in the part using textures techniques I feel that I don't want to fill all my logo with textures, just the stroke to reinforce my concept.

I really like the 2 versions with texture and without it, but my favorite is number 3 what do you think?

I tried some color versions, but i still love the black and white.

If I have to choose a color it would be the greyscale, may be dark purple and I love the one with gradient but this one only works in plane, it looks awful using gradient and texture in the same logo.

Let me know what do you think of my logo , thank you. 


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