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Portfolio from Pre-Class through Post-Class

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be cool to post a few pre-class shots, then post shots as I work through the project, and then finally post some post-class shots. That way I'm better able to track my progress as I work through the class!

Pre-Class Photos:

I'm going to share two that I shot with a proper camera (a Leica d-lux series), and then two that I shot with my iPhone. I particularly like to take photos of my meals when I travel (It's a great way to remember my trips and the experiences that I had).

Proper Camera:

Crab claws at Kozue (Tokyo)

Sorbet palate cleanser at Varq (New Delhi)


 Qual with Lotus Rice and Mushrooms at a Chinese New Year's Dinner at Toki Underground (DC)


Flax Seed Cookies at Neta (NY)


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