Portfolio and Case Studies

Portfolio and Case Studies - student project

Link to portfolio: www.alisabacon.com

I built this portfolio based on the tips that Carlye gave in this video! I have a background in social justice education and am interested in empowering my community, so I alluded to that in my intro blurb as well as my "About Me". This will also communicate my values to potential employers.

Furthermore, I wanted a clean look that didn't look too trendy or too similar to other portfolios, especially because minimalism is "in" right now. I went onto awwwards.com and took screenshots of all the websites I liked for inspiration. Eventually, I chose a neutral, mauve-inspired color palette and decided to do a bit of off-setting with headers and images to add some interest. 

I built this portfolio using Foundation, which is a front-end framework that's similar to Bootstrap. I started learning HTML/CSS about 5 months ago, and I learned how to use Bootstrap through following videos on Skillshare.