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Portfolio Website

Portfolio website: www.brittneyrbeard.com

Behance: https://www.behance.net/brittneyrbeard

This is my portfolio website, created with Behance ProSite. I chose to use ProSite because of the ease of customization that ProSite provides for designers. I do not know how to code, but I wanted to have a nicely designed structure, and ProSite allowed me to create an attractive website.

The home page rests on the portfolio section, so that visitors will have immediate access to my work. Many of my pieces have multiple images that are considered part of the overall piece. For example, the Buffalo Gals logo project displays the logo in a static format, dynamic format, and on mockups (to present a view of the logo applied to a real-world object). 

To the left is my personal logo, with the navigation menu listed below it. The color, size and placement of the logo attracts the eye; the eye is then led to the navigation menu, due to its close proximity to the logo. My Resume, About Me, and Contact pages are brief but informative, and I have included additional links in my Contact page, in case viewers may want to establish a professional connection with me.


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