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Lydia Hendrix

Calligrapher and Artist



Portfolio Website

2/23 Five and a half-ish: 

Made a tiny site to go up while I work on the new site, but my domain & hosting situation is a bit of a nightmare, so the old site will stay up until that clears up! 

2/22 Step Five-ish: 

Haven't actually made it out of the layout videos entirely yet, so I jumped the gun a bit to get the layout started on the site.  Wrestled with getting everything centered but I finally got there! Several items are still placeholders until I finalize my logo and add some hand-lettered elements, likely for the buttons. I've been dying to have hand-lettered page buttons ever since I started my business! I'm focusing on the main page currently since, as something of a portfolio site, it's the most important page. 

2/21 Step Four: 

Chugging along! I tackled installing webfonts that I'd previously purchased with some desktop fonts, but then backed down to fonts that are actually stored locally on my computer.  I'll likely be purchasing the web versions of these fonts for the site.  

Baby CSS steps have been taken, and I'm really looking forward to layout, which is to me honestly the most important part of a site!

(2/19) Step Three: 

I actually erased some of the elements that were part of our code challenges since I'm not planning on having them on my website, and focused on getting elements that I'd actually like on my website into the code.  The logo will likely be updated again (the curse of designing for yourself) to include a hand lettered line, but it's closer to where I want to be.  

(2/19) Step Two: 

Successfully added a (very dumb) table, not even worth a screen shot. Also added a contact page with a form that includes a question about cheese preference, because I can! Code validated successfuly.  

(2/18) Step One: 

I don't have the URL ready at this point because my current website is still up, but I took screen shots of the initial project stage.  Most of the images will be updated with newer, more solid lettering, but these outdated ones will do for now!


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