Portfolio & Trade Show (Future) Goals

Portfolio & Trade Show (Future) Goals - student project

First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you and shout out to Shannon for making this class. I walked my first two trade shows in 2017 with my job at the time, which started my interest in the surface design industry. I actually recognized Shannon's name from the show in one of my online groups and was ecstatic when she linked me to this class! I always wanted to know what went into vending in a show, and this class really helped put things into perspective for me.

On a familiar note, I have been a vendor in a lot of craft shows and fairs (I do my own crafts and have helped others with their businesses) so I have some familiarity with customers/communications and personal interactions with selling my art.

I chose for my two pieces a couple of items that showcase a before and after with the templates I was building. The limited artists that I remembered working with all had heavy mockups with their art (which I thought was the norm), however, Shannon brought up a great point- you don't know WHO would be buying or licensing your art and what products they work with! It's best to just showcase your art and minimize the mockups. So I included two of my favorite newer designs- with a before template and after template. I can see why the simplistic feel is more desirable- it gets right to the point, isn't cluttered, and focuses entirely on the art. I plan on re-working all of my designs in a similar way and also plan on bringing out a hero illustration piece in addition to some patterns. 

I have hundreds of patterns and designs I have worked on over the past few years that I never did much with- they are just sitting in a folder on my computer. My 2020 goal is to refine my portfolio more and implement these templates in a way where it feels coordinated, professional, and shows a variety of subjects. I'm going to make it a goal to complete 1-2 pieces a week in the new presentation format. 

Kristina Savasta
Illustrator & Designer