Abbey Schuyler

Graphic Designer



Portfolio Site Beef Up

An intro: Like pretty much all graphic design students I needed a portfolio site and I needed one fast.

My current site is hosted by Cargo Collective and is nicely organized, appealing and works for right now. However, I would like to create my own because there are aspects of my Cargo site that I'm not overly fond of (I'm looking at YOU slideshow feature!!).

I'm currently in the midst of wireframing and Illustrator mock ups so this is a perfect time for me to learn Javascript (my hope is that learning now will make coding later easier). 

The breakdown:

I would like a faux splash page with a large "banner" type thing that rotates through photos of my work at 5 second intervals. I'm thinking only 4-5 photos since no one is going to spend that long staring at my banner. 

I would also like a tab off to the side that the user can either click on or pull out that has my contact info/bio. It would be sweet if I could make this smart device compatible. 

Maybe there's an easter egg that houses a flying kitten... I don't know. 

Feedback is SUPER welcome.


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