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Portfolio: Sarah Jackson

I am the mother of a very active one year old and I'm an ESL teacher, but I like to dabble in digital design. The first time I created a repeating pattern was at the start of this Pattern to Portfolio challenge, and I can't believe how far I've come. From that single pattern, to a collection, and now to a (hopefully!) polished looking portfolio. 

I started the portfolio in a very different place than where I ended up, but this is normal as I often have to play around with something until it looks right to me. I chose my portfolio colors from both color palettes for my Going Home collection.

Taking apart patterns to use the pieces (portfolio palette is to the right):


Getting product photos ready to apply my patterns:


Some of the pages for my portfolio:




To view the whole portfolio, please go to issuu.

**Bonnie, Thank you so much for all the work you put into these courses and for the time you took to share what you've learned. I so appreciate it! Also, I had a total fangirl moment at the fabric store today when I saw your collection for sale!**


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