Portfolio Piece: Character Customization System


I am a 3D Character artist and I've had a hard time finding work since getting laid off from Vigil Games in the wake of THQ many months ago...My portfolio just hasnt been up to par. :(

To rectify that, I decided to take a new character to completion + a number of clothing/gear items. It occured to me I could, in Unity, create a character customization system and small environment, which could run in the browser (or download), to show this stuff off in real-time. That'd be a great portfolio item, one that is hopefully sure to land me a new gig somewhere awesome.

So! I set about sculpting my character, drawing some concepts of my vision for the final result, learning a little Unity...and here I am today!

I've always been a fan of tactical strategy games, both analog and digital. One of my old favorites was a game called Necromunda, so I followed the Goliath Gang for some design inspiration.

Here is a WIP sculpt which shows just some of the optional accessories and faces I have sculpted, and plan to include.


Just some of the optional faces so far: 

optional faces

The current state of the low poly base level face, body & gear:

real-time lowpoly

This image was captured in Marmoset Toolbag. Recently, the makers of Toolbag have ported their technology to work in the Unity Engine. I know a guy who works there and may be able to get Beta access to this tech for my project...fingers crossed!

This is my current vision for the finished product: 

current concept

And here is an older concept of a possible look:

older concept

Finally...just to complete the "assignment" and show that I've been using Unity, here is a shot of the project as it stands: 

blah awful wip


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