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Noha El Taher

Graphic Designer



Portfolio Photography for Graphic Designers: Showcasing Professional-Quality Print Work

Take your design portfolio to the next level by learning the basics of shooting your work like a pro!

Hiring a professional photographer to shoot your work can be expensive. In this class, we'll learn how to create a mini photography studio in the convience of our own home as well as all the tips and tricks to making your print work look like the best in the industry. 

We'll learn everything from how to acheive studio-quality lighting by creating a home-made lightroom, learning the best camera settings and angles for a portfolio shoot, and finalizing the images on Photoshop. 

This class is perfect for any designer who wants to create a professional looking portfolio, without hiring a costy photographer or renting equipment. You don't need any photography experience or knowledge, just a willingness to learn and have fun!


Create a series of five portfolio-ready photos that showcases your favorite print project by making a photoshoot using the home-made lightbox, camera, and editing techniques that we learned in class. Be sure to shoot your work from a variety of angles and settings to capture the best aspects of the project.

This assignment will teach you how to make a lot of fundamental design decisions like how to choose angles to shoot your work, how to use props to style your project, and how to arrange lighting to create different shadow effects. Additionally, you will learn how to select the best images taken in your photo shoot to include in your portfolio and edit them on Photoshop.

Upload your project in the Project Gallery to receive feedback from your classmates and I, and also to exhibit your amazing work!


Upload a series of 5 different images of the same project to best show the texture, colors, layout, and mood of the project. The five images should consist of:

  • One overview image
  • One close up image
  • One image styled using props
  • Two images of your choice








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