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So I've got to admit I didn't take to this one amazingly. But I needed a logo for my new website so decided to have a stab at the 'Letter Mark' option. Here's the result.

The best lesson I took from this class is don't lose hope if you don't hit on an idea you like right away! Be willing to try out a lot of ideas! I know George suggested 30 - 50 designs and funnily enough I didn't hit upon a design I liked until number 49.

I began by doodlng a bunch in my sketchbook. Literally a stream of thought at this point!

Next up I made a mood board to gather ideas from some of my favorite artists and designers. Credit to them - they're all worth checking out! At this stage I decided I'd most like to have a logo that would fit nicely within a circle.

After the mood board came the process of sharpening my pencil and doing a lot of drawings. I decided to go with my initials 'TS' for the logo. Here's one of the 7 sheets I eventually made.

You can see the ideas in the bottom right that eventually become the logo! I decided to make a simple face out of my initials as a lot of the work I do is animation and I love characters. Once the idea was in place I got to work on refining the design.

And here's the final result!


I'd love to know what you guys think! Is it clear? Are the weighting of the 'T' and 'S' even?

Thanks for checking out my work!


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