Portfolio - Adriana Ppr

Portfolio - Adriana Ppr - student project

Hi there!

I'm Adriana and I'm from Mexico. I studied Graphic Design but did it for a very short period of time as I discovered that illustration was my passion.

However, back then I didn't have much knowledge about the industry and I ended up getting gigs in animation (it did however taught me to draw better backgrounds). After I stopped doing that, I have been freelancing in illustration for a while, but it hasn't been stable and I think it was because I was lacking focus and just doing whatever the clients asked me for. I've recently tailored my portfolio and I would really love to turn illustration into my full time job, particularly children's books and middle grade so I would really appreciate any feedback or guidance that you could offer.


Link: https://www.adrianappr.com/


PD. Big fan here, James! I came upon your channel a little while ago and I think your videos are very informative. Thank you so much for doing what you do!