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Portals of Dust

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I chose to work from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters and adapted my screenplay from the poem, "Amanda Barker." The poem goes:

Henry got me with child,/Knowing that I could not bring forth life/Without losing my own./In my youth therefore I entered the portals of dust./Traveler, it is believed in the village where I lived/That Henry loved me with a husband's love/But I proclaim from the dust/That he slew me to gratify his hatred.

I loved the challenge of working from a poem which would require me to build a scene that is true to the tone of Masters' poem. I chose to write about Amanda because with her dying breath, she was trying to assert her strength as a woman. To do justice to the poem, I tried to make her a strong character in a situation where she is reduced to what her husband wants from her.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

First draft: 


In my second draft, I tried to establish a time in which my film takes place as well as heighten the tension.

Current draft:


Step 3: Writing Your Logline

Henry wants to build a family with his wife, Amanda, and will stop at nothing to get it.


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